Madeley on the Map Website

Size: 10 pages +
Keywords: HTML, CSS, JS, Flash, PHP, Code Igniter, Social Media, Analytics, Branding.

The Madeley Parish Council required a website to promote the redevelopment of the area. Over time, the website grew to become an information hub for businesses and events in the area. It features an interactive map, highlighting all businesses, and a directory to inform the public of relevent information, such as opening hours, location, and available store offers.

National Readership Survey Website

Size: 60 pages +
Keywords: HTML, CSS, JS, Flash, PHP, Wordpress, Analytics, Accessibility, Branding.

The National Readership Survey website contains over 60 pages, including a forum, blog, subscribers access area, search facility and runs across two styles depending on user preference. The site also has an area only accessable by the staff where they can upload documents and make group disccusions. Full branding and stationary was also carried out on the project and an iPhone app for latest readership figures is being created.

Iconsys Website

Size: 22 pages +
Keywords: HTML, CSS, JS, Flash, PHP, SEO.

Iconsys is a leading UK automation solutions provider and systems integrator. They required a website refresh that was different to their competitors. We used an interactive home page that was fluid in its motion, changing dynamically depending on what section you hovered over. We also manipulated a lightbox JQuery code to create a dark overlay when hovered over the drop down menu system.

Metro Advertising Website

Size: Over 100 pages
Keywords: HTML, CSS, JS, Flash, PHP, Analytics.

Metro, the UK’s 3rd largest daily national newspaper, required a website that gives you the lowdown on all aspects of Metro, their valuable 18-44 year old, full time working urbanite audience, to show the creative ways you can advertise with them, rates and lots more.

As a contractual client, Metro provides us with regular microsites and campaigns to produce which get featured on the Metro Advertising website. We also produce many HTML emails and competitions to accompany the websites.

Safer Telford Council Website

Size: 30 pages +
Keywords: HTML, CSS, JS, Flash, PHP, Analytics, CMS, Multilanguage, Accessibility.

We were approached by Telford & Wrekin Council Safer and Stronger Communties Partnership to produce a public facing website detailing services and information about staying safe in the community. The website was also a good tool for the Safer Communities team to show improvement in crime rates. It was built in a format which could be amended internally via CMS system an extension of this site was produced in a form of a intranet site that can be used by the whole partnership.

Pearson Events HTML Emails

As part of hundreds of events managed inhouse for Pearson group, we design and manage joining instructions and informative HTML emails that are personalised to the delegate. The emails contain several merge fields that are drawn from a central database of delegate bookings.
Purecom HTML E-Newsletter

Purecom are business communications providers based in Shrewsbury and work in conjunction with O2. Along with a brand refresh, we created an e-newsletter to be sent out on a quarterly basis to exsisting customers. The e-newsletter contained several articles that went on to link full online articles. After each campaign is sent out, we provide tracking analytics to see who clicked on what article so that Purecom can contact them regarding the particular article of interest.
Hello! Magazine Interactive Presentation

For Hello! Magazine we produced an interactive Flip Book for them to use as part of their agency presentations.

The Flip Book was made using Adobe® Flash and featured videos from readers and regular celebrities of Hello! Magazine and also displayed animated graphs and charts to help present to the agencies.
NYR Interactive Flip Book

Neal's Yard Remedies required an interactive flip book to send out to all their consultants.

The flip book was made using javascript, Adobe® InDesign and Adobe® Flash. Starting by creating a design in Adobe® InDesign, we then export all the pages into the Adobe® Flash software. We then call the pages into a website browser using javascript. The Consultants get a HTML email of the flip book with active links to view it in full online, where they can browse through like a magazine, download and print the flip book.
Online Banner Advertisements

Over the years we have been asked to create hundreds and thousands of online banner advertisements touching on all sorts of subjects. Most recently we have developed 90 online gambling advertisemt campaigns for Metro Digital, showcasing top games such as Blackjack, Roullette, Bejewelled and Monopoly. We have also recently produced online banner advertisements for metnet to appear on the Shropshire Star website.